Kits/Installation Guide

All Original Loft Company Bed Lofts come in easy to assemble kit form.

  • Lofts are 80% Pre-Fabricated Assembly of a Single Loft only requires fastening 5 boards onto our pre-fabricated ends.
  • Assembling a Single Loft takes 2 people only 20 minutes
  • Step-by-Step, Illustrated, assembly instructions included with each loft
  • All boards are Pre-Cut and Pre-Drilled and all Fasteners are Included
  • Only 2 Tools are required for assembly; a 7/16" wrench or pliers and a Phillips Head screwdriver

Assembly Process

Assembling a Single Loft is a 7 step process and takes 2 people 20 minutes.

Step 1: Position the end pieces about 6' from each other, with ladder rungs facing out.

Step One

Step 2: Fasten the rear bedframe support to the end pieces.

Step Two
Tighten nuts.

Step 3:Fasten the front bedframe support to the end pieces and tighten nuts.

Step Three
Step 3

Step 4: Fasten the rear back brace into place.

Step Four

Step 5: Fasten the 2 back brace angles to the rear of the end pieces and the back brace.

Step Five

Step 6: Remove the legs from the bedframe and fasten to the top of the loft using the provided hardware.

Step Six

Step 7: Place the mattress on top of the frame and the loft assembly is completed.

Step Seven
Complete Loft

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